Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of weather conditions can you fly in?
The two main limiting factors for the STR8-AERO drones are wind and precipitation. At the time of this writing, we follow these guidelines.
First, for safety reasons we do not fly our systems in winds exceeding 20 mph. For smoothest results we generally recommend flying in winds of 10 mph or less.
How long can you fly?
Our systems are electric with typical flight times of 20–25 minutes, depending upon payload and weather conditions. When the battery pack is almost exhausted, we simply land the drone and replace the exhausted battery packs with a fully charged set. We have several battery packs and a portable charging station on site to allow continual flight throughout the day.
How high, and how fast can you fly?
We limit our operations to an altitude of 400 feet above ground level unless the flight mission is within 400 feet of a tall structure. As for speed, wind conditions play a role, but our current systems are capable of capturing stable footage at speeds of up to 30 MPH.
Can you fly indoors?
Yes. Our systems are completely electric and very stable. All we need is a location with a large open unobstructed area such as a sound stage, warehouse, sports facility, auditorium, etc.
How does a typical shoot work?
We travel to your location with all the necessary equipment. Once at the location, we unload, set-up, and do all safety checks. Once all systems are good to go we can start the first flight.
While the camera is airborne, a live video feed is sent to our ground-station. From here, the camera operator, as well our client(s), can see everything from the camera’s perspective.