• Our Company

    STR8-AERO Aerial Imaging was founded in 2016 to meet the fast growing demand for UAS imagery and remote sensing. We are extremely excited to be at the forefront of this fast growing technology and look forward to providing our clients with cost effective, cutting edge solutions for a variety of applications. We use advanced unmanned aerial systems (UAS) technology to capture photography and videography of television and film footage, special events, real estate and inspections, action sports, golf courses, special events, and much more. Our company is based in Oklahoma, but our staff and drones are “Fully Insured“ to operate worldwide.

  • Vision

    • To provide our customers with cutting edge, advanced aerial imagery together with post-analytical solutions for more informed decision making.
    • To provide cost effective, yet professional aerial videography services while operating within the Federally mandated legislation pertaining to drones.
    • To provide breathtaking aerial photographs and video footage whether for a corporate commercial, real estate listing, special event, or any other occasion.

  • Legality

    Our pilots are Part 107 certified in accordance with current FAA requirements for commercial drone use. We operate 100% in compliance with the FAA’s operating guidelines set forth by Part 107 that went into effect August 29, 2016. Additionally, our drones carry $1 million in general liability aviation insurance and are properly registered with the Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Safety

    Safety is of paramount importance to us. All of our pilots have many hours flying experience and are licensed and registered with the Federal Aviation Administration. Our Drones are built with top of the line components that have low probability of failure. Onboard flight controllers have a number preprogrammed fail-safes to prevent unnecessary accidents from occurring. Additionally, aircraft components are visually inspected before flight as part of our standard operating procedures to ensure flight safety. We handle all required flight planning to insure your project is safe, legal and a great experience.

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Our Clients